Can Dogs Eat Yams?

Can Dogs Eat Yams?

Every new dog owner ask me can my dog eat yams?Well, my furry pup can sniff yams from far and come running towards me for sharing a bite every time.Mostly in autumn, it’s our favorite holiday snack.Surely, it is rich in fiber and … [Read More...]

The ultimate guide to buying mosquito killer

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Mosquito Killer

I now guess that you are tired of the buzzing little insects. When buying an insect killer then you have to know that they are of different types. Mainly there are the traps, zappers, and foggers. This is why you will need to have these tips to come … [Read More...]

spiral potato slicer

How to Use Potato Slicer

A potato slicer is a versatile countertop machine that is used to make potato chips. It can also be used to cut slices of different thickness in sweet potatoes, plantain, carrots, zucchini, onion rings and much more. The unit gives you consistent … [Read More...]

hammock camping essentials

14 Essential Comfortable Hammock Camping Tips

Many people love and using the hammock to enjoy time but the "uncomfortable" issue still alive. I won't say people didn't check how to hammock camp. It's easy to check hammock tips but what about the understanding?Here we picked a few things to … [Read More...]

best beach canopy for wind

Best Beach Canopy For Wind 2020

Going to the beach is great fun. You get to sunbathe, maybe splash around in the water, or have a full on a picnic! But it’s not only just that, is it? Sometimes, all you want is to lie under some sort of shade, relax, and watch the sea. Now, unless … [Read More...]

Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker Reviews

Finding the best automatic pour over coffee makers to help you make amazing coffee at home. See our picks for best coffee maker. These are top notch coffeemaker for your kitchen.What’s the first thing you absolutely require in the morning after … [Read More...]

how to clean a cast iron skillet

How to Clean the Outside of a Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets are a timeless kitchen utensil but they will only stand the test of time if they are treated properly. You actually want a thin black carbon layer on your pan. This is called ‘seasoning’ and its purpose is to protect the cast iron … [Read More...]